Java 11 Early Access RPM

A Java RPM is now available, via the openjdk-11-ea packages! Note, however, this is not considered generally available (GA). It is an early access package ONLY.

This page is here to address some frequently asked questions you may have.

Is this Java production-ready?

No! These are early access RPMs, denoted with the -ea suffix in the package name.

Why is this only “early access”?

Currently, this Java runtime has not yet completed all testing and is therefore not certified as production ready. We have, however, done thorough functional testing of various workloads, including Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, Tomcat, maven, Jenkins, etc. We are releasing an “early access” version to solicit feedback from the IBM i community, and we welcome your feedback for any testing you do!

How do I install this?

Simply use yum or the Open Source Package Management tool in Access Client Solutions to install the openjdk-11-ea package.

Where does this install?

The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) gets installed to /QOpenSys/pkgs/lib/jvm/openjdk-11

How do I select this JVM to run my program?

If invoking Java directly from the command line, you will need to fully-qualify the java binary (/QOpenSys/pkgs/lib/jvm/openjdk-11/bin/java) or add the executable’s directory to the beginning of your PATH, like so:

export PATH

If you’d like common Java-based tools, such as activemq or maven, to use this Java, you should also set the JAVA_HOME environment variable:

export JAVA_HOME

Why do I get error “Directory /QOpenSys/pkgs/lib/jvm/openjdk-11 in the JAVA_HOME environment variable does not contain a Java Virtual Machine.”?

The default java launchers do not currently accommodate this open source distribution. This will likely be investigated and addressed in a future release. In the interim, launch Java explicitly as documented in the previous section.

Can this integrate with RPG via the *JAVA declaration?

No. This will likely be investigated for a future release.

Can I use ILE native methods?

No, and there are no plans to support this. Instead, use the JTOpen (jt400) library’s ProgramCall support. This also means that the *CURRENT special value cannot be used for authentication with the JTOpen library.

Does this show up in WRKJVMJOB?

No. This will likely be added in a future release.

Can this run inside of a chroot container?

Yes!! Unlike JV1 flavors of Java, this open source version is container-friendly.

Are there any functions known not to work?

As previously stated, not all testing has been completed, and this is not considered production-ready. That being said, the class will malfunction and cause program crashes on IBM i 7.2. On IBM i 7.3, this function requires PTF SI71837. For IBM i 7.4, PTF SI72224 is required.